West Ashley, SC

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Supporting homebuyers and strengthening the local community.

Bermuda Pointe Towns is a cooperative effort between Prosperity Builders and Charleston Redevelopment Corporation, organizations committed to bringing new construction housing options to market at attainable prices through innovative design and development strategies.

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2590 Ashley River Road
Charleston, SC 29414

Buyers agents protected and compensated.

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    Charleston Redevelopment Corporation, a Prosperity Builders partner
    Charleston Redevelopment Corporation, a Prosperity Builders partner
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    Developer Partners

    Prosperity Builders & Charleston Redevelopment Corporation

    Our shared goal is to build and sell new homes in West Ashley that more of the local workforce can afford.

    We use innovative, efficient design and cutting edge development strategies to offer lower prices.

    People being able to live where they work also favorably reduces traffic, commute times and individual transportation costs.

    This strengthens our great community, and helps homebuyers create wealth and household net worth.


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    Buy versus rent

    Experience the financial advantages of home ownership.

    Historically, home ownership has proven to be an extremely effective way to accumulate wealth. Rather than paying rent and generating no equity in the property, home ownership enables the owner to build equity over time. Each monthly payment pays down the principle owed so that each month, the buyer actually owns a little more of their home. And once the loan is satisfied, the buyer owns the home outright. Additionally, if the home appreciates in value – and history indicates it will – the wealth generated can be significant.

    DISCLAIMER: These marketing materials do not guaranty or otherwise warrant that “wealth” will be accumulated or savings will be realized in connection with the purchase of a Regime Unit. Prospective Purchaser understands and acknowledges that the sales price of the Units are restricted to provide affordable housing opportunities to subsequent purchasers of the Regime Units for ninety nine (99) years from the date that the certificate of occupancy is issued and that the Prospective Purchaser’s return on investment is limited by the aforementioned restrictions. Furthermore, in order to fully qualify to purchase a Regime Unit, documentation will be required to verify your income consistent with the Developer’s qualification program. REGIME AS REFLECTED NEED NOT BE BUILT; PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS IN DRAFT FORM ONLY AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE.